Let’s cut to the chase:

We’re great at delivery top-notch leads in infobusiness niche.

You pay for result only!

Watch 20 seconds about our Guarantee of Efficiency

Edward A. Vodopianov

Unicorn crew CEO
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Our crew consist of

22 talented

and spirited

pros emoji

intently focused on infobusiness area

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We have just one requirement for the product:

We are ready to take on
products capable of processing
sales of

300 000$+
per month

It is economically unprofitable
for us to work with smaller volumes.

Test-drive budget starts from 1 000$

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Last year we provided to our clients over
790 top-notch leads.

It let our clients to earn about

7 594 080$

No advance payments, you pay for
result only!

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Unicorn is about exceeding expectations:

You pay for

We use our own advertising budget,
so sit back, relax and enjoy your profit!

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just three facts:

! you pay for result only

...and we really mean it!

no advance payments!

Compensation equals a
fixed percentage of sale.

expenses on us!

We use our own marketing budget.

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how it works:

Defining the initial budget

No payments from your side

Setting up the tracking

Fully consulted with your team

Still no payments from your side

Launching ad campaign

Ad campaign starts within 7 days from the date of signing contract

inspecting results, increasing ad volume

In 3-5 days after ad launch

Still no payments from your side

your first payment

After your first sale only!


We’re increasing leads, you’re expanding your business

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